For Veterans

During my life time, I have been surrounded by brave men and women who have proudly served our country.  Stay tuned to the end of this article, as I will share some of my favorite people who exemplify bravery.

Thank you, Veterans, for your service to our country!  Without you protecting us, we would have no freedom.  Bless you and thank you!

It is truly my honor to help our Veterans and their families to purchase a home.  It is the least I can do to serve you by helping with your mortgage needs.  Rest assured, I will do everything I can to help you!

Now for a little history ... The VA home loan was created in 1944 to help Veterans and their families after World War II.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt was in office at the time, and he signed the GI Bill.  Since then, the VA loan has helped millions of Veterans and their spouses to purchase a home.

The biggest benefit of the VA loan is the ability to purchase a home with no down payment and without the extra cost of mortgage insurance.  There is, however, a VA Funding Fee, which is financed into the loan, for Veterans who are not disabled.  This fee is waived for disabled Veterans.

The Veterans Administration does not originate the mortgage; you need the help of a mortgage lender.

If you are a Veteran or a Reservist, it would by my honor to help you!  ~~ Jill ~~

Special Thanks to My Family and Friends:

My cousin Bobby, who served for 20 years in the Army, including four tours in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.  To this day, I still have the Fort Bragg t-shirt he gave me over 30 years ago, as well as the yellow ribbon pin I wore every day when he was stationed in Desert Storm.

All three of my brothers, Michael, Mitch and Marvin are Veterans.  Mike served in the US Coast Guard and some of his rescue stories are very scary.  Mitch and Marvin were both in the Air Force.  Mitch was an analyst and Marvin was an airplane mechanic.

My dad was in the Navy, before I was born or course, but he raised us in proper military style.

Bobby's dad, my uncle Bob, was also in the Army.  I attended his funeral in 2019, God rest his soul.  It was the most beautiful burial I've ever seen, complete with the 21 Gun Salute.

My uncle Chuck served in the Army.  I love him.  My ex-sister-in-law, Pat, was in the Air Force.  My friend from high school, Jeff, was in the Army.  I have many friends who also served:  Dan, Bryan, Jack, Thomas, Garrett, and many more!

Bless you and thank you all!  ~~ Jill ~~

US military man with family showing keys from house, benefits in crediting