For Realtors Only

Let's be very clear:  I love Realtors.  I was raised by one; and she was a darn good one, too!

Realtor referrals help me buy groceries and put food on my table.  Realtor referrals helped my daughter go to college.  Realtors are valuable and essential to my business.

I am grateful for every Realtor who has ever referred their clients to me, and I hold each of you in the highest regard.  Your chosen profession is extremely hard.  Every day is different.  Every client is different.  And we never know what tomorrow brings, and what might happen to our transaction.

My Mother became a Realtor in the early 1970's.  We lived in the small town of Plano, Texas, which had less than 25,000 people back then.  Mom took me under her wing and taught me some very valuable life lessons, which are still relevant today.

At the time, I was a young teenager and I listened to every word Mom said to me.  Mom taught me how to answer phone calls and take a message.  She taught me the value of voice and tone while speaking on the phone.

Mom taught me to take off my sunglasses when meeting someone for the first time.  Mom taught me about negotiating, and how to keep the buyer and the seller happy, all at the same time.

Mom would sell a house, and resell it again a few years later.  She could remember every house she sold, the family who bought it, the colors they used to redecorate it, and she knew the family who bought it the next time.  Mom carried her MLS book with her everywhere she went.

Mom taught me how to talk to strangers.  She taught me to say, "Happy Thanksgiving" and "Merry Christmas" to cashiers at the grocery store.

Mom also taught me what it meant to be a top producer.  Mom received jewelry and fur coats and free trips because she was consistent in her sales.  My first trip to Las Vegas in 1981 was with my Mom.  She took me with her to the Annual Awards Banquet for Century 21.

What does all of this mean to you?

It means, I understand you.  I understand what it takes for you to be successful in your industry.  And I want to help you.  I am here to help you by making sure you receive the proper communication and execution when you work with me.

If you need an efficient, trained, polished, and knowledgeable Mortgage Advisor for your clients, please reach out to me.  My team and I stand ready, willing and able to serve you with the utmost of honesty and excellence. ~~Jill~~

My Mom and I at the Century 21 convention in Las Vegas in 1981.
My Mom and I at the Century 21 convention in Las Vegas in 1981.