First Time Buyer

The new generation of the ‘first time home buyer’ has their priorities in check.  Even as young as 21 to 26 years of age, the first-time home buyer of today has definitely prepared for this life altering event.

What I have found recently is this:

  • You have a good job in the industry of your choice,
  • You have saved your money consistently,
  • You have minimal debt,
  • You have worked very hard to have a high credit score,
  • And you did all of this on your own, without the help of your parents.  If you have help from your parents, it is the ‘icing on the cake.’

I am a member of the Baby Boomer generation, even though I am at the tail end of that generation  When my daughter, now age 26, was growing up, I loved helping her friends talk through their thoughts, feelings and issues of the day.

Now, I am helping those same friends with the purchase of their first home.  I am honored to help you with the purchase of your first home.

Rest assured, I will share the details of what exactly will happen, what to expect, what documentation you need to provide, and I will answer all of your questions.  I remember when I purchased my home as if it were yesterday, and I want to make your experience just as memorable as mine was.

If you are ready, or almost ready, to purchase your first home, please reach out to me via phone, email or text.  It is truly my pleasure to help you!   ~~ Jill ~~

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