Divorce Happens

When we marry, it is quite common to trust and believe your marriage will last forever.  For approximately 50-60% of you, it will last forever.  For the other 40-50% of you, well, you might need my advice.

I was married at age 20, and divorced at age 21. I was also married at age 32, and divorced at age 52.  Untangling from my second marriage was tricky.  We had our primary home, our vacation home, and two businesses ... one of which owned a commercial property which leased the building to our other business.  Everything was owned 50/50.

Here are my Jill-Isms on how to politely untangle financially from a divorce.

  1. Seek good advice from a trusted source.
  2. Make a list of your real estate and financial assets.
  3. Be realistic.  For example, I knew I did not have the expertise to run an auto repair shop, so I was willing to give up my 50% in that business.
  4. Sometimes in a divorce, something you both love might be better served to be sold. Always remember, 'things' can be replaced; 'people' cannot. It's okay to sell the 'thing' because you can replace it later with a newer version of it.
  5. Be fair.  Be reasonable. Give as much grace a you can to the person you are divorcing. Marriage is a 50/50 deal, and divorce should be as well.
  6. In a divorce, no one will get everything they want.  Be willing to give up something that is not important to you which will help make the settlement work more amicably. There is no need to prolong the process excessively.
  7. Be sober.  You make better decisions when you are sober.
  8. Move on.  The sooner you move forward with you life, the happier you will be.

During the process of divorce, you might want to remain in your marital home and buy out your spouse.  I can help you with that.  Or, you might decide to sell the marital home and purchase individual homes for both you and your spouse.  I can help you with that as well.

Divorce is tough. For me, it was a death; the death of our marriage. Because I have walked in those shoes, I believe I can help you make great decisions about your mortgage financing. Please call me. It is truly my pleasure to help you! ~~ Jill ~~

Divorce and dividing a property concept. Man and woman are signing divorce agreement.