About Jill

My Mother was a top producing Realtor while I was growing up, and I thought I wanted to also be a Realtor.  My plan was altered a bit, and I entered the mortgage business when I was 21 years old.  I was hired as a receptionist at Fort Worth Mortgage.  The Branch Manager who hired me was a friend of my mother's.

I knew I had to work hard and prove myself, so I did.  I was quickly promoted to Loan Processor Assistant, to Loan Processor, and finally to a Loan Officer.  Many Loan Officers later become Managers or Coaches, but I chose to stay in my calling of helping people make a great decision regarding their mortgage financing.

I have originated mortgage loans all around the United States.

I have helped first time home buyers, who later bought their second and third homes with my help on the financing.

I have helped my clients purchase a handful of rental homes that will become an income stream in their retirement.

I have helped families buy their vacation homes and watched them enjoy making memories which last a lifetime.

I have helped couples sell their big family home and downsize into a smaller home with few stairs.

And I believe I can help you.

No matter what segment of the life cycle you are in, I would love the opportunity to help you reach your next goal.

If you want a seasoned, caring, Mortgage Advisor to help you make a great decision about your mortgage and real estate needs, it would be my pleasure to help you! ~~Jill~~